Sunday, July 31, 2016

Paige's First Assignment:

Eastgate, a suburb of Cincinnati (We will post her address once we get it)

Here are some pictures of her and her first Senior Companion (Hint: Paige is shorter than her companion)

Monday, July 25, 2016

Paige, and the rest of the newbies,  arrived in Cincinnati and was greeted by the Mission President, President Welch, and his wife

This was taken from the Ohio Cincinnati Mission Facebook page, on July 25, 2016:

What a special day! Our first new OCM missionaries arrive. Four beautiful Sisters and four handsome Elders ready to join our wonderful team already in place. We took them to Mt. Echo Park, home for a delicious dinner provided by the Woestmans and Brother Glackin, training, testimonies, Graeter's ice cream and listening to the AP's read off transfers. A great start for the best 2 years and 18 months of their lives thus far.

(You can just see the left side of her in this one :) )

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Week 2

HEy everyone!!!

It's been a long yet quick week!

So my companion is Sister Jones and she has been a true blessing. She is from St. George but born in Vegas. She is amazing. I love her so much and she has helped me so much when my brain is mean. Also I have two roommates from my district and they are Sisters Winterton and Hartvigsen. They are also really nice and both are from the SL area. All of us are going to Cin, Oh. As to elders going there are 4 elders in another district going to my mission area. the elders in my district are going to either columbus or nebraska, they are great but until recently havent interacted with us sisters much which has been kind of awkward because all other districts are really close and we arent. So the food. Its been pretty good most days but some days there isnt anything that sounds super great. the quality of the food is definitely better than school food but not too much. wednesdays are better than most days because of the new missionaries. also yes. I do have to avoid the OJ. I wont go into why. 
I have been able to play the violin but i havent used the music you sent me muhc because wednesday I had to go to the info desk for a thing and while I was there there was an elder who was actually going to look for me because he needed someone to accompany him while he sings. so I've been practicing for that. we audition to see if we can preform at a devotional on thursday so wish me luck! (although I'm not to hopeful because he still hasnt found a pianist and doesnt know his notes. but its been fun practicing)
So spiritual things:
Classes have been going great. I have 2 3-hr classes a day with two different teachers and often times we role play with our companion as if one of us is an investigator and we practice what we had just been taught. we are also teaching our teachers as investigators and that has been going really well. 
we also have what are called TRCs. no idea what it stands for but what we do is each week we are given 2 people who either are investigators or are playing as investigators and we go in and teach them. Last weeks TRCs were amazing. we were only able to teach twice when normally you'd have 3 or 4 times but we were really able to have the spirit with us and we were able to teach them what they needed to know. we even got one to commit to baptism (but she was already a member) 
every sunday and tuesday there are devotionals that we go to and this past sunday they just played a recording on a previous devotional where Elder Bednar came and talked about the characteristics of Christ. it was an amazing talk and I really learnedx a lot. but the best part was after the video (60 min long) turned off HE WALKED OUT INTO THE ROOM AND UP ONTO THE STAGE THEY HAD THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT WAS SO COOOL!!!!!!! he then had a Q and A and I learned even more. I took 15 pages of notes in my journal. nothing could top that at tonights devotional. 
Church is kind of cool here. we meet as a branch which for us is around 70 people and each missionary has to have a talk prepped and then they call people up on the spot to give the talk. and the musical number is prepped by the district that is leaving so there have been 2 really cool numbers so far but I have to sing next week. 
OH I also got called as a sister training leader for my branch right now so I'm like the sister versino of the zone leader. its been a cool calling but im excited because i get to meet and welcome the new missionaries at the end of their first day. 

ok BYE!

Sister Fox

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Paige's First Week

Hello All!!! 

If you are receiving this email you have either emailed me or have given me your email in order to receive this grand email. So Hello!!

SO this week has been good and long. I was dropped off Wednesday and was immediately herded to several different rooms to get my new things like my name tag. I dropped off my bags in my room and went straight to work. Ok well not really I sat around waiting for the rest of my district to come but it was great got to know my teacher pretty well and she (Sister Turner) is great. Once everyone did get there the learning did begin and hasn't really stopped since! The spirit here is amazing. There are so many amazing people here. I can't walk very far before someone says hello! Also the first day EVERYONE said hello, partially because I had an orange sticker on my name tag saying I was new. Since then the days have blurred. but there's been a lot of learning and a lot of teaching. Also yeah My second day in and we had to teach. it was great though. While its been so amazing here I've also had some struggles. My brain decided that getting used to a completely reversed lifestyle wasn't enough for me and decided to be mean. I had some really bad days on Saturday and Sunday but was able to receive help from some elders through priesthood blessings and now I am doing so much better. 

Sorry this is going to be short but that the main things that have happened other than teaching, and the Elders in my District drew all of their faces on the white board in our classroom and left them up for the longest time :) 

Love you all!

Sister Fox (Paige)