Monday, September 19, 2016

Week 8 I think

Hellooo Everyoneee!!! 

So this week has been pretty boring. Found out we are allowed to tract in our mission again so we've been doing even more walking which isn't a huge problem but the heat is a problem :P It hasn't been super hot but when you are outside for hours at a time and the sun is beating down on you and you are stupidly wearing dark colors it gets hot. But we've gotten a lot of great appointments set up for this coming week with awesome people that we met while tracting. So needless to say winter is very much welcome in the great state of Ohio. At least I'm welcoming it. My companion isn't as excited for the cold, but she freezes at 69 degrees. Also very much to no one's surprise I fell while tracting. Although to probably everyone's surprise it took 8 weeks before I actually fell! So that has been a nice surprise! :)

So I realized I haven't told you all about Philip! He's this awesome older guy that we've been working with for about a month! He's come to church 4 times and loves it! He is progressing really well! 

Also we've been working with this older lady who is less active who I might have mentioned last week but am too lazy to goo see if I did so you get a second update/background. Her name is Sister Wesley and she only has 1 leg! She hadn't been to church in years but she came last week and this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It has been so amazing to see how much more she is able to feel the spirit in her life!! Before she came she didn't believe that God loves her but at church she felt His love so strongly it was AMAZING!!!! I love her so much!!! 

Also 2 weeks ago Sister Evensen and I re-activated a 4 year old boy!!! Haha! He had told his parents that he didn't need to go to church anymore because he knew all the stories and all the songs. So when we came over for dinner they asked us to share a story that he had never heard before, so we taught him about Joseph from Egypt. The next day apparently he told his parents that he still needs to go to church because he doesn't know ALL the stories! 😅
Oh! Sister Evensen drank 4 16 ounce water bottles in 5 minutes!! She told me that if I decorated my planner cover instead of napping during our extra dinner hour time She would drink the 4 water bottles that we are supposed to have a day which she never does. So I decorated my planner front and back and she drank 4 water bottles! 

Until next week!

Sister Fox!

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