Monday, August 29, 2016

August 29, 2016


So this week has been fun! I learned how to can tomatoes while helping an Sister with her canning! I got to help out with the big ward service project they were doing here which was a food drive called Feed Ohio. We went around this one huge neighborhood with bags last week and this week we went to pick up all the food that people left out on the porches! It was a lot of fun because Sister Evensen and I helped do a last minute round up and drove around the entire neighborhood checking for any last minute bags. We ended up getting almost 2500 pounds of food for the food bank!! 
We did a few other service projects this week (we are supposed to do 10 hours of service each week) so we helped a lady weed and picked some pears so that was fun.

Not much else happened other than we walked forever in the extreme heat which was not fun. but we also had some major storm last night with flash flood warnings because of the major down pour. 

As for the missionary work not much exciting happened. We had one investigator drop us last Sunday and we are planning on dropping another investigator this week because she is not keeping any commitments. We got told that we aren't supposed to bein this one area that we were in while trying to contact a referral so we left right away instead of talking to some people walking around the area. 

Oh wait! One thing exciting happened this week! On Saturday we went on splits with two members to go talk with all the people that were planning on coming to church on Sunday. So I went out with a sister to talk with these two guys we had met while they were working in the yard of their friend's house and they wanted to come so we stopped by their house to make sure they still wanted to come but they weren't there so we talked to 4 of their neighbors and all 4 said DO NOT GO BACK. Apparently they did drugs and drank a ton and one of the guys actually stabbed his wife 8 times a few years ago!! So needless to say we are not going back. 

Other than that not much exciting happened. So until next week!

Love you all lots!
Sister Fox

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